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#1 2008-07-30 21:28:45

Lieu: Krakow
Date d'inscription: 2008-04-24
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new gm

Jupiter please give me GM mode. i dont like bla bla bla and i am old plyer.

To nie byla milosc jak Przeminelo z Wiatrem. Pocaluj mnie w dupe, jak gowno poczuj sie. Bo ze wszystkich sil, ja p.....le cie. It was not love alike to Gone with The Wind. Kiss my ass and feel like s.... Because with all my strength i f... you.

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#2 2008-08-03 11:21:41

Lieu: Tahiti
Date d'inscription: 2008-02-02
Messages: 50

Re: new gm

This is the tutorial section so if you want to become a GM post else where.
Also I didn't know about this post until someone told me because I rarely read this section ^^.
If you're talking about being an old player I know others like myself who are older than you IG.
To become a GM one must be social so the "bla bla bla" is necessary I think.
Moreover lots of player here speak French so you need to be able to talk in this language.
I rarely see you IG so I don't think someone who's missing might be a good idea
unless you play with another character's name.
I apologize in advance if this post seem offensive but I didn't mean any harm.
Talking about becoming a GM, I'd love to recommend myself ^^ if possible.
You''ll find a little form about myself in the "OTHERS/AUTRES" section if interested.

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